Los Cinco Soles

Los Cinco Soles

Los Cinco Soles

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In Aztec mythology, time was cyclical, and each period was ruled by a new sun. Thus far, there have been five suns (Los Cinco Soles). We are still living under the fifth one.

Mexicans have been called “the people of the suns”. They revered the sun as the foremost deity. Their amazing arts and crafts were often embellished with designs of the sun.

The five principal civilizations: Aztec, Maya, Olmec, Zapotec and Toltec, shining like five suns, left marvels of architecture and sculpture in their kingdoms. This legacy makes today’s Mexicans proud of their heritage.

In their memory, we have called our stores Los Cinco Soles. We are honored to bring you the color and artistry of the crafts made by their descendents.

Los cinco soles

Jewelry and Handicrafts.
Location: Ground Floor.
Phones: (999)9-46-33-30, (999)9-46-33-29

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