Company Analyst Telephone
Actinver Mauricio Arellano +52-55-1103-6600 Ext. 4132
Banorte IXE Jose Itzamna Espitia Hernandez +52-55-1103-4046
Barclays Pablo Monsiváis +52-55-5241-3327
BBVA Bancomer Jean Baptiste Bruny +52-55-5621-9849
BOFA Merrill Lynch Sara Delfim +52-11-2188-4552
Citi Investment Research Stephen Trent +1-212-816-6901
Credit Suisse Felipe Vinagre +55 11 3701 6333
Deutsche Bank Pascal Moura +971 4 4283-864
Goldman Sachs Marcio Prado +55 11-3372-0101
Grupo Bursátil Mexicano Mauricio Martínez +52-55-5480-5800 Ext. 4187
Grupo Financiero Monex Roberto Solano +52-55-5230-0200 Ext. 4451
HSBC Cenk Orcan +90-212-376-4614
Insight Investment Research Robert Crimes +44-203-397-9182
Intercam Casa de Bolsa Alejandra Marcos +52-55-5033-3257
Invex José Luis Bezies Cortés +52-55-5350-3333 Ext. 6421
ITAU Alejandro Fuchs +52-55-4163-6875
JP Morgan Fernando Abdalla +55-11-4950-3463
Morgan Stanley Ricardo L. Alvez +55-11-3048-6238
Morningstar Keith Schoonmaker +1-312-696-6381
Santander Pedro Balcao +52-55-5269-2264
Scotia Capital Francisco Suárez +52-55-9179-5209
UBS Rodrigo Fernandes +55-11-3513-6506
Vector Casa de Bolsa Marco Montanez +52-55-5262-3600

Note: ASUR is covered by the analysts mentioned above. It should be noted that any opinion, estimate or forecast regarding ASUR's performance by these analysts are their own, therefore they do not represent opinions, estimates or forecasts of ASUR or its management. By referring to them or their distribution, ASUR does not hold any coincidence of such information, conclusions or recommendations.

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