Board of Directors


ASUR's Board of Directors is composed by business leaders from a wide range of industries.

The Board of Directors is responsible for strategic decision-making with regard to the company’s business operations.

To fulfil this duty, it receives information from top management and the company’s corporate governance committees relating to:

Each year, the Board presents a report to the company shareholders in which it assesses its own activities and performance during the previous year.

Board of Directors
Proprietary Board Members
Non-Independent Board Members Independent Board Members
Fernando Chíco Pardo Diana M. Chávez
Jose Antonio Pérez Antón Rasmus Christiansen
Pablo Chico Hernández Bárbara Garza Lagüera Gonda
Aurelio Pérez Alonso Francisco Garza Zambrano
  Ricardo Guajardo Touché
  Guillermo Ortiz Martinez
  Heliane Steden
Alternate Board Members
Federico Chávez Peón Mijares(replaces Mr Fernando Chico Pardo) Luis Fernando Lozano Bonfil(replaces Mr José Antonio Pérez Antón)

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